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Mobile Monitoring

Mobile Monitoring

The AROMA platform is ideally suited for mobile air quality monitoring with real-time monitoring and reporting. AROMA is easily transitioned from a stationary monitoring site to running in a vehicle in less than 30 minutes. No specific mobile monitoring build out required. We currently recommend a 12V, 300AH lithium ion battery for 24 hours of continuous mobile monitoring capacity. AROMA instruments have been used for plume identification and tracking, large-area ozone precursor monitoring, virtual fenceline monitoring, leak detection, and indoor air quality studies. When a plume is detected, AROMA can be rapidly switched from RapidScan (5 second measurements) mode to LabScan mode to provide identification and quantification of the specific plume components.

Entanglement Technologies and our partners have completed mobile monitoring campaigns in California, Texas, Colorado, North Carolina, and more. Learn about some of mobile monitoring projects in our Resource center.

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