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AROMA (Autonomous ​​Rugged ​​Optical ​​Multigas​​ Analyzer) is a high-speed chemical sensor that rivals high-performance laboratory instrumentation, but provides that performance in a portable instrument. The technology is critical when high-density data is needed or when decisions need to be made in real time. The AROMA instruments are designed for in-field use by operators with minimal training while providing laboratory quality data.

The high-performance spectrometer at the heart of AROMA allows for the detection of specific chemical targets in the complex mixtures of chemicals that are encountered in real-world chemical sensing applications. AROMA removes fear of false positives or cross contamination. Delivering results as accurate as standard laboratory equipment and down to very small concentrations, the AROMA family of instruments all share a simple interface that can be accessed from anywhere and provides long term automatic monitoring.

The AROMA instruments provide:

  • Fast, robust, accurate and reliable readings
  • Automatic sampling
  • Easy operations and maintenance
  • No costly sample preparation
  • Operability perfect for the field
  • Minimal calibration needed due to the stability of the analyzer core
  • High-quality benzene monitoring, VOC monitoring, and other real-time monitoring services

The AROMA instruments are available for third parties or as part of field services provided by Entanglement Technologies personnel.


AROMA-VOC is a high-performance chemical analyzer that provides real-time analysis of chemicals in the atmosphere, water, or soil, whether for routine environmental monitoring or in the wake of an emergency. Results are quick — less than 5 seconds in RapidScan mode and 10 minutes in full analysis mode — and with method detection limits as low as 1 pptv.

AROMA-VOC provides analysis for key compounds of high risk including BTEX, 1,3-butadiene, chlorinated solvents, and styrene ⁠— making it an ideal VOC monitor. In RapidScan mode AROMA also provides real-time methane measurements.

Designed for remote and mobile applications, AROMA-VOC can be programmed to perform analysis automatically while making results available immediately at remote locations. AROMA is designed to be the hub of a mobile analysis platform; GPS and pressure logging are built in and options are available to include the automatic logging of auxiliary RS232 or RS485 connected sensors such as anemometers.



AROMA TRACER provides automated analysis of oil-field produced fluid, detecting a range of partitioning and conservative chemical tracers. It is already operating in the field, providing , safe, fast, and more efficient operation.

Developed in partnership with Micromem Applied Sensor Technologies, AROMA TRACER provides more sensitive results than standard laboratory GC/MS and LC/MS analytical approaches and eliminates costly sample preparation steps. This makes high-throughput, high-accuracy data inexpensive and accessible.  


Proven Performance

AROMA VOC and AROMA tracer have undergone extensive third-party testing, including long-term side-by-side analysis with BAAQMD for BTEX analysis, extensive TO-15 comparison co-sampling on chlorinated solvent plumes, and blind audit testing by a major oil company ⁠— all showing outstanding analytical accuracy. AROMA VOC has also been extensively field tested as a benzene monitor and VOC monitor. 

Mobile Analysis Services

Entanglement Technologies provides field analysis services using the AROMA instruments. This service is typically performed either for short-term emergency response requirements or for contaminated site surveys and investigations.

Emergency Response

A key feature of the AROMA technology is the ease with which it is deployed for chemical analysis. This has allowed AROMA devices to be delivered on short notice to locations like North Carolina and Texas to assist in recent natural disasters and chemical spills, to serve as benzene monitors and VOC monitors, as well as providing other monitoring data. It also enables the Entanglement team to deploy rapidly respond to emerging threats due to natural disasters, such as hurricanes, floods, and fires, as well as industrial leaks and accidents. 

The high-quality data generated in these deployments can provide desperately needed clarity to complex situations in the aftermath of a disaster and assist in the mobilization of emergency resources, identification of evacuation or shelter in place zones, locate leaks and emission sources, and identify immediate hazards.

Site Investigation

We offer a number of deployment options for our technology to conduct accurate site investigations:

  • On-site chemical analysis (1-day site survey): We provide the performance of traditional laboratory instruments easily in the field, allowing high-throughput sampling at multiple locations at one site.
  • On-site short-duration continuous monitoring: AROMA can track chemicals across a facility as activities change during the day. We also provide fixed site monitoring for emergency response applications to protect communities, including fixed VOC monitors.
  • Mobile surveys: Single or multi-day deployments to map chemical concentrations over extended areas.