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Multi-compound detection of VOCs including BTEX



Ultimate sensitivity for ethylene oxide analysis



Expands the capabilities of AROMA-VOC to measure H2S and HCN



Tracer chemical analysis on direct produced oilfield fluid



The Autonomous Rugged Optical Multigas Analyzer (AROMA) is a high-speed chemical analysis platform that couples high-performance cavity ring-down spectroscopy (CRDS) with thermal separations, and delivers laboratory-quality data in a portable system, ideal for supporting critical decision-making and high-density data collection applications. AROMA instruments are designed from the ground up for in-field use by operators with minimal training ⁠— without compromising data quality.

Proven Performance

The AROMA family has undergone extensive third-party testing, including long-term side-by-side analysis with BAAQMD for BTEX analysis, TO-15 comparison co-sampling on chlorinated solvent plumes, and blind audit testing by a major oil company ⁠— all showing outstanding analytical accuracy.

Innovative Technology

AROMA couples high-performance cavity ring down spectroscopy (CRDS) with thermal separations to enable the detection of specific chemical targets within the complex mixtures encountered in real-world chemical sensing applications, thereby removing the fear of false positives or cross contamination. This flexible analyzer has two operating modes, RapidScan and LabScan, to meet specific study objectives. In RapidScan, a direct spectroscopy mode, small molecule identification and large molecule classification is achieved. LabScan enables speciated VOC measurements at part-per-trillion detection limits. AROMA instruments all share a simple interface that provides long-term automatic monitoring and can be accessed from anywhere.

AROMA instruments provide:

  • Fast, robust, accurate, and reliable readings
  • Automatic sampling
  • Simple operations and maintenance
  • Mobility and robustness perfect for field operations
  • High-quality VOC monitoring

AROMA instruments eliminate:

  • Costly sample preparation
  • Need for frequent calibrations
  • Delays between sampling and results
  • Mobile lab buildouts

AROMA instruments are available for direct purchase or as part of field services provided by Entanglement Technologies personnel.

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