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AROMA-TOX has the broadest compound coverage in the AROMA family. The innovative dual-laser system, allows for the detection of hydrogen sulfide (H2S), hydrogen cyanide (HCN), carbon monoxide (CO) and amine in addition to methane, BTEX and other VOCs detected with the AROMA-VOC. Ideal for deployments around oil refineries and other industrial settings.

AROMA-TOX operates in two modes: RapidScan and LabScan. In RapidScan, the direct spectroscopy mode, the AROMA-TOX can detect H2S, methane, and HCN down to 1 ppbv, 2 ppbv, and 10 ppbv in 5 seconds.  LabScan mode utilizes a thermal desorption separation before analysis by the CRDS core enabling it to reach lower detection limits.  AROMA-TOX has a demonstrated method detection limit for benzene of down to 2 pptv for an 8 minute run. 

Entanglement Technologies’ AROMA instrumentation can be used for long-term, unattended, fixed-site monitoring or in a mobile platform. AROMA was designed to be used by technical and non-technical personnel with low system requirements for implementation.

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