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Built on the innovative AROMA-VOC platform, AROMA-ETO is a high-performance chemical analyzer that provides near-real time measurements of ethylene oxide at part-per-trillion concentrations. In addition to an ethylene oxide monitor, AROMA-ETO provide analysis for other key volatile organic compounds (VOCs) including 1,3-butadiene, acrolein, methanol, and isopropanol. 

AROMA-ETO dual operation modes allow for the analysis of ethylene oxide in 5 seconds down to 1 ppbv (RapidScan) and in 15 minutes for below 10 pptv concentrations (LabScan). In RapidScan mode, positive identification of small molecules such as methane, carbon dioxide, and ethylene oxide as well as large molecule classification (alkanes, aromatics, dienes) is possible. 

AROMA-ETO enables in-field, mobile, and long-term unattended monitoring initiatives by both technical and non-technical personnel. The analyzer facilitates the acquisition of high-quality, actionable data while greatly reducing or eliminating personnel requirements, maintenance, consumables costs, unplanned instrument downtime, and infrastructure build outs. The instrument can be mounted into any vehicle to create a mobile air quality monitoring unit in as little as 30 minutes, with no buildout required.

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