About Us

Founded in 2010 and based in Silicon Valley, Entanglement Technologies was born out of two research groups at Stanford University studying how to use the quantum properties of objects to make better sensors. We decided to bring our tools out of the lab and into society to create the world’s most advanced chemical sensors, called AROMA. Deploying a suite of optical, chemical, electrical, and signal processing techniques, the AROMA sensors change the landscape for chemical detection by providing laboratory-grade analysis in a portable instrument.

We continue to push the state of the art for laser stabilization, rapid tuning, control, and optical sensitivity. Our goal is to heighten the world’s ability to sense our chemical environment, to make the invisible world of chemicals accessible and actionable.

Our Team

Tony Miller


Michael Armen


Ricardo Viteri

Senior Scientist

Nate Bogdanowicz


Sergiy Pryadkin

Mechanical Engineer


Ari Kushner

John Stockton

Ari Tuchman

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