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Mobile Analytical Services

Entanglement Technologies provides field analysis services using the AROMA platform. AROMA instruments are available for contaminated site surveys and investigations, long-term continuous monitoring, mobile air quality monitoring and emergency response applications.

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Emergency Response

A key feature of the AROMA technology is the ease with which it is deployed for chemical analysis. This has allowed AROMA instruments to be deployed on short notice to assist in crisis response for natural disasters and chemical spills, serving as critical benzene monitors and VOC monitors. The Entanglement Technologies team can rapidly respond to emerging threats and provide key data allowing municipalities, state and federal environmental agencies, and other air quality management departments to quickly make informed decisions and implement safety protocols. 

The high-quality data generated in such deployments can provide desperately needed clarity to complex situations in the aftermath of a disaster: assisting in mobilization of emergency resources, identification of evacuation or shelter in place zones, location of leaks and emission sources, and identification of immediate hazards.

Site Investigation

We offer a number of deployment capabilities for our technology to conduct accurate site investigations:

  • The performance of traditional laboratory instrumentation while in the field, allowing high-throughput sampling at multiple locations at one site.
  • The ability to track chemicals across a facility as activities change during the day. 
  • Fixed site monitoring for emergency response applications to protect communities, including fixed VOC monitors.
  • Single or multi-day deployments for mapping of chemical concentrations over extended areas.

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