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Monitoring in an industrial environment requires variable capabilities depending on the specific regulatory requirements. The flexibility of AROMA platform allows for continuous monitoring for process control and employee and environmental health and safety needs. AROMA instruments are easily deployed as a mobile platform for virtual fenceline monitoring and fugitive emissions detection required by chemical manufacturers and sterilizers, as well as the oil and gas industry. For the oil industry, direct analysis of oilfield produced fluid is possible with AROMA-TRACER.

Environmental/Occupational Health and Safety

Of critical importance for chemical manufacturers and commercial sterilizers is ensuring the safety of their employees when dealing with dangerous chemicals. We provide a unique, customizable solution to our client’s employee, health, and safety and chemical monitoring needs. This solution is enabled by AROMA with multi-point sampling system and external monitor integration, which provides multi-chemical ppt detection capabilities and instrument stability unparalleled on the current market. Our chemical monitoring systems are designed to provide the most robust and economical solution for the client’s needs today, while also providing critical scalability avenues and capabilities for the client to further increase their monitoring capabilities without significantly affecting their existing operations or requiring additional high-cost expenditures. 

Fugitive Emissions, Leak Detection, and Fenceline Monitoring

Chemical manufacturers, oil and gas well and refinery operators, commercial sterilizers and other industrial leaders need to ensure compliance of their facility with air quality regulations. To prevent significant fines monitoring for early detection of leaks and fugitive emissions is ideal to ensure quick mitigation. AROMA instruments can be used in a variety of scenarios to ensure compliance and protection of workers and the surrounding communities.

Process Monitoring and Quality Assurance

The AROMA platform offers a high-tech solution for improving leak detection, process control, and emission control in industrial settings. By monitoring for potential hazards and detecting product contamination that might have otherwise gone unnoticed, AROMA instruments can help industries maintain the quality of their products and ensure that they meet all specifications.

Hydrocarbon Development Industry

The AROMA technology offers a number of applications for the hydrocarbon development industry, from prospecting to production. AROMA-TRACER is already making a mark in oil-field produced-fluid analysis by providing a 1000x sensitivity improvement over traditional methods of chemical tracer detection with an in-field, unattended capability.

The instruments enhance reservoir intelligence and provide critical information of fluid flow, contact surface, and residual oil fraction to reservoir managers. This information allows for interventions to dramatically reduce lifting and disposal costs by minimizing produced water. Our portfolio of AROMA instruments can reduce analytical costs across business units, including: field operations; pipeline, terminal, and transfer point monitoring; and refining and processing facilities. AROMA instruments also provide opportunities to improve leak detection, process control, emission control, mud logging and exploration in the oil and gas sector.

AROMA instruments offer key capabilities in the following areas:

  • Frontier hydrocarbon exploration
  • Tracer analysis
  • Mud logging
  • Custody transfer metering
  • Fugitive emission characterization
  • Compliance testing

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