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UPDATE: AROMA-TOX to Become Part of the Toolkit in Harris County, Texas

15th Oct 2020

Harris County Pollution Control Services in the Houston, Texas, area has purchased the AROMA-TOX, a high-quality real-time chemical analyzer, to provide ppt-level data in the field on some of the most hazardous chemicals frequently used in the petrochemical industry. This effort is part of significant investments Harris County is making in air quality monitoring capabilities as part of an initiative to bring real-time data to its residents during storms and disasters. In light of the substantial increase in hurricanes and tropical storms in the Gulf in 2020, Harris County Pollution Control Services has been focused  on expanding its rapid response capabilities with regards to monitoring pollutants from its heavy industrial activity. These include hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) such as benzene, hydrogen sulfide, 1,3-butadiene, and hydrogen cyanide. With AROMA-TOX, Harris County Pollution Control Services will be able to effectively and rapidly deploy and respond to industrial leaks and accidents and will further increase its ability to protect the surrounding communities.

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