Technology & Applications


At Entanglement Technologies, we’ve combined the latest in quantum engineering and quantum metrology with cutting-edge chemistry and technology to build a new generation of high accuracy, real-time chemical analyzers.

AROMA provides world-class, laboratory-grade performance anywhere, anytime.

ligoAROMA (Autonomous Rugged Optical Multigas Analyzer) is the embodiment of advances in precision laser architectures, low latency stabilization techniques, optimal estimation, and precision design to deliver unparalleled performance. AROMA is built on research, conducted at Stanford University and Caltech, to manipulate quantum systems for achieving better measurements. The analyzer core deploys the same architecture of the optical resonators that enabled the 2017 Nobel prize-winning LIGO gravitational wave detector.

This combination of techniques has allowed us to deploy a cavity ring-down spectroscopy (CRDS) system combined with our proprietary broad-band, frequency-agile, narrow-linewidth laser source. This high-performance CRDS system provides a level of stability that is unmatched in long-term operation, eliminating the need for time-consuming sample preparation and minimizing calibration.

AROMA is a uniquely accurate method of chemical analysis.

The Applications

The AROMA instruments can identify chemicals in complex environments quickly, accurately, and robustly to part-per-trillion sensitivities in air and water.

The instruments are already delivering results to environmental consultants, industrial workers, oil companies, city officials, and government departments, including the U.S. EPA. As a powerful chemical analysis platform technology, AROMA can be used for applications ranging from environmental monitoring, emergency response, and hydrocarbon development to quality assurance and law enforcement. AROMA has been proving particularly valuable as a benzene monitor and as a mobile or fixed VOC monitor.


Environmental Monitoring

AROMA delivers key capabilities that allow regulators, municipalities, consultants, and communities to collect highly accurate chemical data rapidly in the field. 

AROMA has also responded to natural disasters such as Hurricanes Harvey and Florence, the ITC terminal fire in Houston, the Carr Fire in California and the Benicia Valero power interruption event near San Francisco. In these instances, AROMA provided critical real-time data about the extent of damage and risks from events with significant chemical release potential. These data enabled municipalities and regulators to ensure that communities were protected and to drive decisions regarding evacuations, shelter in place, and do not drink orders.

AROMA has been deployed for applications including:

  • Chlorinated solvent soil vapor surveys 
  • Chlorinated solvent indoor air surveys
  • Sanitary sewer headspace surveys and variability monitoring
  • Sanitary sewer vapor intrusion monitoring 
  • Continuous air quality monitoring data
  • Emergency response drinking water analysis for benzene contamination in wildfire impacted towns
  • Leak detection and localization
  • Natural disaster large area chemical analysis for triage and impact monitoring
  • Community pollution mapping
  • Fenceline monitoring
  • Academic pollution mapping projects
  • Ozone precursor monitoring
  • Source apportionment


Hydrocarbon Development

AROMA’s chemical sensing technology offers a number of applications for the hydrocarbon development industry, from prospecting to production. The ARTRA-171 AROMA instrument is already making a mark in oil-field produced-fluid analysis by providing a 1000x sensitivity improvement over traditional methods of chemical tracer detection with an in-field, unattended capability. 

AROMA enhances reservoir intelligence and provides critical information of fluid flow, contact surface, and residual oil fraction to reservoir managers. This information allows for interventions to dramatically reduce lifting costs and minimizing produced water to reduce disposal costs. The AROMA portfolio of instruments can reduce analytical costs across business units -- from field operations units to pipeline, terminal, and transfer point monitoring, to refining and processing facilities. AROMA’s capabilities also provide opportunities to improve leak detection, process control, emission control, mud logging and exploration in the oil and gas sector.

AROMA offer key capabilities in the following areas:

  • Frontier hydrocarbon exploration
  • Tracer analysis
  • Mud logging
  • Custody transfer metering
  • Fugitive emission characterization
  • Compliance testing

Quality Assurance

AROMA is a high-tech solution for improving leak detection, process control, and emission control in industrial settings. By monitoring for potential hazards and detecting product contamination that might have otherwise gone unnoticed, our devices can help industries maintain the quality of their products and ensure that they meet all specifications.

Law Enforcement and Homeland Security

Along with being portable and easy-to-use, AROMA is adaptable for the battlefield, where it can offer real-time analysis and localization of chemical warfare agents (CWA), improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and unexploded ordnance (UXO).

Whether searching for contraband during routine traffic stops, scanning individuals at security checkpoints, examining crime scenes for chemical evidence, or searching combat territory for IEDs, fast and accurate chemical analyzers change the game for homeland security and warfighter applications.