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Visit Entanglement Technologies at the Air Sensors International Conference

27th Apr 2022

Entanglement Technologies is exhibiting at the 2022 Air Sensors International Conference in Pasadena, CA from May 10th – 13th

Entanglement Technologies is continuously working to meet the critical and changing needs of the air monitoring community. Last year, we released AROMA-ETO, which can detect single digit part-per-trillion concentrations of ethylene oxide in ambient air. Please visit our poster, “AROMA-ETO: Part-Per-Trillion Sensitive, Realtime Ethylene Oxide Measurements in Ambient Air,” to learn more!

Senior Account Executive Aurelie Marcotte will be available throughout the conference at the Entanglement Technologies Exhibit Booth (#55) at the Pasadena Convention Center. Stop by to hear about how AROMA technology can enhance your air quality measurements.

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