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Vapor Intrusion Investigations with AROMA

Case Studies

08th Feb 2021

Entanglement’s AROMA technology is a powerful tool in contaminated site characterization where rapid results and high sensitivity can accelerate and reduce the cost of field campaigns, detect and monitor pollutants that can leak into the ground and groundwater, and infiltrate indoor air spaces. One chemical pollutant that can occur across these different environments is trichloroethylene (TCE), which has been linked to several adverse health effects and can cause birth defects in the first six weeks of pregnancy. TCE is used in many industrial processes, but when not properly disposed of, it can enter surface water and pass through the soil to contaminate underground water sources.

When the Entanglement team monitored six sewer sources near contaminated sites in the San Francisco Bay area, we found significantly elevated levels of TCE in five of these sites. Our AROMA instruments are capable of long-term monitoring of contaminated sites and detect chemical pollutants whether they occur in the air, water or soil, making them valuable tools for industrial workers, environmental consultants and public health officials.

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