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UPDATE: AROMA-VOC in Collaboration Between the University of Houston and Baylor

26th Jul 2021

The University of Houston and Baylor University are adding AROMA-VOC to their mobile monitoring capabilities in the summer of 2021. A team of researchers and their students, including Dr. James Flynn from University of Houston, as well as  Dr. Rebecca Sheesley and Dr. Sascha Usenko from Baylor, has been studying the air quality in Houston and El Paso, Texas over the past couple of years. Of particular interest is how different sources of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) contribute to ozone levels in these regions. They are adding AROMA-VOC to mobile monitoring campaigns to identify and quantify sources of benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylene(s) (BTEX). AROMA-VOC is a flexible, real-time chemical analyzer with part-per-trillion detection limits of benzene and other VOCs.

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