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U.S. EPA Reports Method Detection Limit for Ethylene Oxide Below Cancer Risk Level Using AROMA

22nd Mar 2022

At the AWMA Air Measurement Methods and Technology Conference in San Diego on March 8-9, 2022, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reported that AROMA instruments are capable of measuring ethylene oxide below 0.011 ppbv (0.02 µg/m3). This concentration is associated with a 100-in-a-million cancer risk for a lifetime of continuous exposure to ethylene oxide. They obtained these results during an intercomparison study evaluating a variety of instruments to measure ethylene oxide under controlled and relevant atmospheric conditions. AROMA showed unparalleled sensitivity, stability, precision, and accuracy of ethylene oxide measurements under a range of atmospheric conditions including high and low relative humidity, gas and particle interferences, and at varying concentrations.  

Link to conference proceedings.

Reference: A. Gitipour, I. George, T. Yelverton, M. Lewandowski, E. Thoma, K. Loftis, and G. Queiro. Intercomparison of Ethylene Oxide Measurement Methods Under Controlled and Relevant Atmospheric Conditions. Presentation at the AWMA Air Measurement Methods and Technology Conference in San Diego, CA. 9 March 2022.

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