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PSE Healthy Energy Adds AROMA-VOC to Investigate Health Impacts of Home Natural Gas

27th Feb 2023

PSE Healthy Energy, in collaboration with Stanford University, has been using AROMA-VOC to measure volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions from indoor sources of natural gas over the past year. This month, they permanently added our AROMA technology to their analytical measurement capabilities.

The average American spends around 90% of their time indoors, so better understanding the potential health effects associated with indoor emissions of hazardous chemicals, such as from gas stove tops or fireplaces, is critical. AROMA-VOC is easy to transport and set up in homes to make continuous measurements of VOCs in real-time for longer term research studies.

To learn more about PSE Healthy Energy’s Kitchen Pollutants Studies in California and Australia go to the PSE website.

Check out the write up about some of Stanford's recent monitoring effects and see pictures featuring AROMA-VOC in the New York Times.

Entanglement Technologies’ AROMA platform features advanced sensors for many applications, including indoor air quality, ambient air quality, continuous emissions monitoring, process control, and fenceline monitoring. Universities, air monitoring professionals, and community groups around the world have chosen to add AROMA to their air monitoring capabilities. Please contact us to learn more about integrating AROMA into your air monitoring work.

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