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FIU graduate student, Michelle Karpinsky, and undergraduate student, Daniel Lopez, using AROMA-VOC in the Degreeff Lab to measure VOCs in water samples.

Florida International University Uses AROMA to Investigate Chemical Exposure After the Surfside Condominium Collapse


21st Jul 2022

Dr. Lauryn DeGreeff, an associate professor at the Global Forensic and Justice Center of Florida International University, is currently using AROMA-VOC as part of an analysis of a variety of samples from the 2021 Surfside condominium collapse. A specialist in the analysis of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) by analytical instrumentation and canines, Dr. DeGreeff is undertaking the research with her graduate student, Michelle Karpinsky. They hope to better understand what search-and-rescue dogs and first responders were exposed to after the condominium collapse by analyzing water collected at the site, wipes from the dogs, and other specimens. They are using AROMA-VOC to analyze these samples in order to evaluate the deployment of AROMA for real-time characterization of chemical exposures in the event of an emergency. AROMA has been used to identify chemical leaks after hurricanes and to track emission events from industrial accidents (check out some of our Case Studies here). Reach out to talk more about how AROMA could help with emergency response and other air and water monitoring needs today.

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