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Dr. Eric Dickenson, Water Quality R&D Project Manager at Southern Nevada Water Authority and Dr. Aurelie Marcotte, Director of Sales and Business Development at Entanglement Technologies at the 2024 WateReuse Symposium in Denver, CO. Photo Credit: Mike Dirks, The Water Research Foundation

Entanglement Technologies Participates in International Water Research


06th Jun 2024

In addition to their best-in-class performance for air quality monitoring, AROMA instruments excel in detecting volatile organic compounds (VOCS) in water systems. These capabilities are giving Entanglement Technologies new opportunities  in water quality analysis through collaboration on grant funded research with leaders in the field and participation in several major international water conferences this year. 

Water scarcity is an increasing problem. Potable water reuse is becoming a necessary framework to address climate change, drought, and growing populations, but it requires effective treatment technologies and stringent monitoring for chemical and biological constituents of concern.

To meet this need, Entanglement Technologies joined principal investigator Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA), as well as Hach Company, Colorado School of Mines and Orange County Water District (OCWD), as recipients of a grant from the Water Research Foundation (WRF) last year. This work is using AROMA as a real-time analyzer to detect specific VOCs at low detection limits (ppb/ppt) prior to and after wastewater treatment processes such as reverse-osmosis (RO) (Project #5210). The project is entering its third and final phase in which it will be installed at OCWD’s Groundwater Replenishment System to verify the analyzers long-term performance at full-scale, capturing actual and reoccurring spikes for several months. 

In March, several of the WRF project team members, including Director of Sales and Business Development, Dr. Aurelie Marcotte, attended the 2024 WateReuse Symposium in Denver, CO. Dr. Marcotte presented a poster highlighting the analytical method developed for the WRF Project #5210, using an AROMA analyzer. Dr. Eric Dickenson from SNWA also had a platform presentation showing some preliminary results from the project including data from the analysis of RO feed and permeate samples from participating utilities.

Members of the Water Research Foundations Unsolicited Program Project #5210 Team at Colorado School of Mines installing the AROMA analyzer in September 2023. From right to left: Dr. Anthony Miller, Entanglement Technologies; Dr. Chris Bellona, Colorado School of Mines; Dr. Aurelie Marcotte, Entanglement Technologies; Dr. Vishnu Rajasekharan, Hach Company; Seyed Mohammad Hassan Khademi, Colorado School of Mines. Not Pictured: Dr. Eric Dickenson, Southern Nevada Water Authority; Dr. Megan Plumlee, Orange County Water District; Dr. Mike Armen, Entanglement Technologies; Dr. Jana Safarik, Orange County Water District; Jake Margolis, Entanglement Technologies; Dr. Aarthi Mohan, Trussell Technologies; Dr. Jessica Steigerwald, Southern Nevada Water Authority

In June, Entanglement Technologies’ CEO, Dr. Anthony Miller, will be attending Singapore International Water Week. Dr. Miller will be speaking about Entanglement Technologies’ AROMA analyzer for online analysis of VOCs in water streams at the TechXchange on June 18th. On June 21st, Dr. Dickenson will be presenting on an WRF project, which includes data from a side-by-side study of AROMA measurements with third-party laboratory analysis, as well as RO-rejection of target VOCs.
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