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Entanglement Technologies Expands into the Wastewater Monitoring and Process Control Markets

Press Releases

19th Oct 2022

San Bruno, CA – Entanglement Technologies, a global leader in ambient air monitoring technology to detect hazardous chemicals, is expanding their product offerings into the wastewater and process control industries.  With support from industry partners, the AROMA technology platform is continuing to reshape the sensing market. 

“We are excited to announce the expansion of Entanglement Technologies into two critical areas,” says Tony Miller, CEO of Entanglement Technologies. “Wastewater monitoring and process control both require the detection of trace constituents in complex matrices, which is where our AROMA technology shines."

Potable water reuse is a critical component of water supplies due to growing population and water scarcity. Direct potable reuse, requires effective treatment and stringent monitoring to mitigate exposure to chemical and biological constituents of concern. AROMA has already been used effectively to monitor drinking water, runoff, and oilfield produced fluid.

A new grant will help further expand the technology’s use in potable water reuse applications. Entanglement Technologies joins principal investigator Southern Nevada Water Authority, as well as Hach Company, Colorado School of Mines and Orange County Water District, as recipients of a grant from the Water Research Foundation to implement AROMA as a real-time analyzer to detect specific volatile organic compounds (VOCs) at low detection limits (ppb/ppt) prior to and after reverse-osmosis (RO) wastewater treatment. “Real-time detection of speciated VOCs is currently a major gap in wastewater monitoring, as studies have shown that small molecules can pass through RO membranes,” Miller says. “AROMA technology can fill that gap, helping to ensure safe drinking water systems.” 

Entanglement Technologies is also delivering critical capabilities to major industries where stringent process monitoring and control is needed. These include the semiconductor and biopharmaceutical industries, where AROMA provides accurate measurement of trace contaminants or constituents to ensure product purity, reliability, and safety. 

In the semiconductor industry, purity of specialty gasses and detection of process contaminants are critical to ensuring final product quality. Bioprocess has been a major focus of the pharmaceutical industry with the growth of biopharmaceutical drugs and novel therapies. “AROMA can identify quality control problems early,” Miller says, “saving time and money in manufacturing while providing safe, high-quality products.” A formal product launch is scheduled for 2023.

About Entanglement Technologies

Entanglement Technologies develops the world's most advanced chemical sensors, bringing real-time analysis out of the laboratory and into the field. Entanglement Technologies’ AROMA technology is designed to meet the rising market needs in wastewater and process control monitoring. Using thermal desorption, cavity ring-down spectroscopy (TD-CRDS), the AROMA platform provides laboratory quality data with the stability, functionality, and ease-of-use of CRDS systems. We design instrumentation that reduces current limitations in the analytical instrumentation industry (frequent recalibrations, instrument downtime, operation requiring Ph.D. personnel and low automation capabilities) while improving the sensitivity, mobility, reproducibility, and throughput over traditional techniques.  AROMA provides the data and insights required to make informed, accurate decisions when and where they are needed most. Contact us.

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