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Continuous Monitoring of Ethylene Oxide in Georgia

15th Jul 2022

Entanglement Technologies will be co-locating AROMA-ETO at a National Air Toxics Trend Station (NATTS) site managed by the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (GA EPD) during the month of July. Known sources of ethylene oxide (EtO) in ambient air include the sterilization of medical equipment and chemical manufacturing, while other various background sources of EtO are not as well-understood. AROMA-ETO will be continuously monitoring EtO at the NATTS site to better understand ambient levels of EtO in urban background settings. AROMA-ETO provides near real-time, lab quality data for stationary and mobile VOC measurements. It is currently the most sensitive commercial analyzer for measurements of EtO and was shown to have method-detection limits below 10 parts-per-trillion in a recent presentation from EPA Office of Research and Development (Gitipour et al., 2022). 

Contact us to learn more about how AROMA-ETO can help with ambient air measurements of EtO and other VOCs in your region.

Pictures courtesy of GA EPD

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