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AROMA-VOC Goes International: Monitoring at Port of Rotterdam

14th Apr 2022

This month, AROMA-VOC crossed the Atlantic Ocean! Traveling more than 5,470 miles, or 8,800 kilometers, the instrument will study BTEX (benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylenes) emissions in the Port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. The Port of Rotterdam is the largest seaport in Europe and is home to several oil refineries, refinery terminals, power plants, tank storage, and many other operations. DCMR Rijnmond Environmental Service is a joint environmental organization servicing South Holland and municipalities in the Rijnmond Region. They are responsible for emissions monitoring and drafting environmental regulations in the region, as well as ensuring compliance with laws and regulations. AROMA-VOC will be used for mobile monitoring in the port area and for a short-term fixed site deployment.

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