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AROMA-TOX Filling Critical Air Quality Monitoring Needs in Maine, Colorado


05th Oct 2023

AROMA instruments are shipping across the United States, filling critical air quality monitoring needs. The Maine Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment (CDPHE) are the latest state agencies to add AROMA-TOX to their arsenal.

The Maine DEP Bureau of Air Quality (BAQ) will be using AROMA-TOX trace chemical analyzer for monitoring benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, xylene(s) (BTEX), hydrogen cyanide (HCN), and other relevant volatile organic compounds (VOCs), with an in initial focus on hydrogen sulfide (H2S). AROMA will also be used to support monitoring for the Maine CDC Ambient Air Guidelines (AAGs). 

Responsible for most of the ambient air quality monitors located in Maine, the Maine DEP BAQ has been monitoring air quality in Maine since its establishment  in 1972. Maine DEP will integrate and deploy Entanglement Technologies’ AROMA-TOX as part of their air monitoring network.

In Colorado, CDPHE is acquiring two AROMA-TOX units, which have the capability to measure BTEX, H2S, HCN, ethylene oxide (EtO) and other VOCs as part of their growing Air Toxics and Ozone Precursor Section. This is the second AROMA acquisition from CDPHE: The Air Pollution Control Division has been using an AROMA-VOC analyzer that is deployed in their CAMML (Colorado Air Monitoring Mobile Laboratory) for monitoring near oil and gas operations.

Entanglement Technologies’ AROMA-TOX is a thermal desorption, cavity ring-down spectroscopy analyzer with the broadest compound coverage in the AROMA family. Equipped with an innovative dual-laser system design, it measures methane, water, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, H2S, HCN and other small molecules at part-per-billion concentrations in real time. AROMA-TOX also provides parts-per-trillion level speciated VOC data in the field in a short analysis method. 

Entanglement Technologies is excited to support Maine DEP and CDPHE in their efforts to identify and control hazardous air pollutant emissions, as part of our commitment to helping organizations manage their environmental obligations. Reach out to us to discuss your application needs and to learn more about our AROMA instrument suite. 

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