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Stationary Monitoring

Stationary Monitoring

The ease of use and few infrastructure requirements for AROMA systems enable long-term, unattended operation at fixed monitoring sites. A few different operating modes are available depending on the requirements of the site: 

  1. Continuous speciated measurements – every 10 minutes depending on sampling volume with parts-per-trillion detection limits
  2. Continuous small molecule identification and large molecule classification measurements – every 5 seconds for methane, water, ethylene oxide, aromatics, alkanes, dienes, etc. at parts-per-billion detection limits
  3. Triggered monitoring – RapidScan measurements taken every 5 seconds until a threshold is reached and the system is switched to LabScan mode for speciated measurements.

In collaboration with the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, AROMA-VOC was set up next to their dual column GC-FID for a 30-day, unattended, uninterrupted, side-by-side comparison. The results from this comparison for benzene and toluene are shown in the Proof of Performance document in the Resources section. The systems were found to be in excellent agreement with an R2 value of greater than 0.97 and 0.99 for benzene and toluene, respectively.

Resources: AROMA-VOC specification sheet, AROMA performance validation, AROMA-ETO specification sheet, AROMA-TOX specification sheet.

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