Intelligent Sensors for the Environment, Natural Resource Development, Health & Safety

Entanglement Technologies develops the world's most advanced chemical sensors, bringing real-time analysis out of the laboratory and into the field. We make the invisible world of chemicals accessible and actionable with rapid and precise sensing technology.

Our AROMA instrument identifies compounds that previously could only be analyzed in laboratories and delivers results in minutes. The sensor specializes in identifying chemicals to identify health hazards in the environment, develop natural resources, and improve safety and security across a range of applications. The high-quality data stream generated by AROMA readily integrates with existing data management software and visualization tools to provide new insights and intelligence for the applications we serve.

AROMA’s core chemical detection technology uses the same ultra-precise sensing platform that powers the LIGO gravitational wave detector. We are building on research in quantum engineering conducted by Entanglement’s cofounders at Caltech and Stanford.

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