Entanglement Technologies has developed a core sensor technology that combines next generation broadly-tunable cavity ring-down spectroscopy (CRDS) with unique surface-interaction dependent separation techniques to apply the extraordinary sensitivity of CRDS to entirely new classes of complex chemical analysis. This core sensor technology has brought the sensitivity of optical detection to the world of big molecules hidden by big backgrounds. Our proprietary sensor package combines the absolute sensitivity of cavity enhanced spectrometry with the selectivity and background rejection capabilities of Time of Flight spectroscopy to deliver fast and reliable trace gas detection in harsh environments.

The AROMA analyzer is built on a suite of technologies adapted from academic research in Quantum Optics and Quantum Metrology. These techniques, ranging from high performance low noise laser design, to FPGA enabled high speed servos, to advanced signal processing algorithms, provide the AROMA system with a unique set of capabilities. The optical sensor core combines these tools to enable high speed, broadly tunable CRDS measurements with per-wavelength sensitivities that rival the best fixed wavelength CRDS systems in academic labs. All this is achieved while preserving the fundamental advantage of CRDS systems, fantastic dynamic range, long term stability, simplicity of operation, and robustness.