All molecules absorb radiation at characteristic frequencies and cavity enhanced spectroscopy together with dual-cavity gradiometry can potentially be utilized to detect and quantify any molecule. Entanglement Technologies cavity enhanced gradiometry sensors serve the needs of the various markets that require trace gas monitoring. Currently, our products serve the following markets:

Environmental Monitoring

Accidental chemical releases pose serious threats to workers, first responders, and local communities. ET's technology offers a real time replacement for sampling canisters and a higher precision than available hand held, real time TIC detectors. High precision and continuous operation increases safety, accelerates responses, and enables rapid, accurate hazard evaluation.

Explosives Detection

The ET approach to trace gas detection has advanced the state-of-the-art in explosives gas detection. ET's sensors are a versatile solution to the long lasting problems encountered in landmine detection, dismount applications, non-destructive inspection process for border control in airports and ports.


Monitoring concentration changes of hydrocarbons is of key importance to the oil and natural gas companies. Gas monitoring provides useful information to optimize exploration, extraction and refining.


As the sciences of metabolomics and metabonomics advance, more metabolites and biochemical biomarkers are discovered to correlate to disease processes. ET's sensors detect very low traces of biomolecules and thus can be integrated to the set of non-invasive diagnostic tools.

Quality Control and Industrial Processes Monitoring

Trace gas monitoring is important at various steps of the production chain: process control, testing and certification, measuring emission levels for compliance with regulations, and worker safety.