Markets We Serve

Environmental Monitoring

  • Environmental Testing
  • Land & Building Engineering & Remediation
  • Emergency Response
Entanglement’s AROMA technology offers portable real-time detection of a host of environmental toxics and hazardous gases. Uses include continuous monitoring of large-molecule toxics in and around known contamination sites and areas with potential contamination, as well as discrete onsite sampling applications for land transfer, environmental compliance and mitigation, and emergency response following accidental chemical releases. Capabilities include EPA method 325 A/B equivalent alternate technology monitoring.

Hydrocarbon Prospecting & Production

  • Airborne and mobile prospecting
  • Conservative and non-conservative tracer detection
  • Fugitive emission monitoring and quantification
AROMA’s portable, self-contained large-molecule sensing technology offers a number applications for the prospecting and production of fossil fuels. From mobile / airborne hydrocarbon prospecting sensors capable of rapid, real-time sampling to extreme-precision stationary sensor networks in the oil patch capable of divining well tracers and mapping the subsurface, AROMA offers previously unimaginable utility to Oil & Gas upstream operations.

Quality Assurance

  • Refinery process monitoring
  • Semiconductor manufacturing
  • Chemical process monitoring
AROMA’s large dynamic range coupled with its exquisite sensitivity opens broad new horizons for plant floor and perimeter quality assurance and safety applications. On-line large-molecule chemical allows the detection of contaminants and mixture errors in real-time to avert waste. The same is true for safety: previously undetectable chemical leaks or outgassing can now be identified in real-time and crises can be avoided.

Law Enforcement

  • Covert drug and explosive manufacturing facility detection
  • Contraband detection
  • Thread detection
High precision and rapid analysis combine to make AROMA a unique tool for the identification of a range of concealed activities. From the detection of covert manufacturing sites to portal screening, AROMA offers a unique set of tools to the law enforcement and homeland security community.