Environmental Sensing

A Healthier Environment

A strong scientific consensus has developed that many chemicals that are critical components of modern industrial processes, byproducts of everyday actions, or that were previously released into the environment, have significant health impacts even in trace quantities. While great strides have been made in reducing the emission of harmful compounds and mitigating prior releases, the tools to asses and monitor the chemical environment have not been up to the task of delivering cost effective, real-time sensing to provide industry with confidence in their safety and environmental procedures, communities with comfort and knowledge, and remediation and site assessment teams with rapid assessment capabilities.

Entanglement Technologies' AROMA-VOC multi-gas analyzer affords new capabilities to solve pressing environmental needs. With cutting edge sensitivity, rapid response, real-time results, and minimal operation intervention, ARMOA-VOC is the perfect solution for both fixed-site monitoring installations and mobile testing. This instrument will reduce operator costs and the real-time data will allow industrial facilities to ensure that they are protecting surrounding communities from hazardous exposure.


AROMA-VOC is a high performance vapor analyzer designed designed for applications demanding the highest sensitivity in conjunction with real-time performance. Multiple modes of operation will allow real-time, automated or user directed direct vapor sampling for mobile and fix-site applications, or batch processing for the analysis of grab-samples for rapid VI studies. With a built-in GPS receiver and a compact form-factor, the instrument is ideal for large area mapping and source location through concentration-profile inversion. Unlike conventional instruments (including GC-MS, UV line of site, and proton-transfer reaction mass-spec), AROMA-VOC will allow simultaneous fast, moderate precision detection (part-per-billon level) with a 60 second response and slower high precision detection (part-per-trillion). This capability allows for monitoring fast fluctuations and concentration spikes while providing very high precision baseline measurements.

Initially the instrument will be available in two configurations, AROMA-VOC, targeting hydrocarbon contaminants, and AROMA-TCE, targeting trichlorotehylene and chlorinated VOCs.

AROMA-VOC is designed specifically to target volatile toxic hydrocarbons such as Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene, and Xylenes (BTEX) in addition to several other hazards including 1,3-butadiene. AROMA-VOC is designed primarily for mobile and fixed-site monitoring near refineries, chemical processing facilities, and petroleum vapor intrusion studies.

AROMA-TCE is a high performance TCE analyzer for Vapor Intrusion (VI) studies. This instrument offers the highest performance through the inclusion of diffusion chromatography to enhance the base AROMA platform. With detection limits as in the parts-per-trillion, this instrument will significantly reduce the cost of VI studies and site assessment as well as providing the first commercial solution for long term continuous vapor intrusion measurements. AROMA-TCE will be the first analyzer capable of providing continuous peace of mind to building occupants in light of recent studies showing that TCE can lead to fetal heard defects early in gestation at very low environmental concentrations.

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Development Support

Development of AROMA-VOC has been supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF) grant no. IIP-1330903. Development of AROMA-TCE has been supported by the National Institutes for Health (NIH) grant no. 1R43ES22538-1.