Entanglement Technologies is a research and development company dedicated to designing, producing, and marketing best-of-breed trace gas sensors. Utilizing fundamental measurement techniques, Entanglement is designing ultra-trace gas sensors with applications in explosives detection, environmental monitoring, and natural resource prospecting. In terms of both precision and selectivity, our patented technology offers vast improvements over state of the art.

Entanglement Technologies' unique approach towards trace gas sensing borrows techniques from gradiometry and quantum optics and applies them to extreme-precision gas sensing. Combining well-established and novel proprietary methodologies, we produce sensors that operate at selectivity and sensitivity levels approaching fundamental limits. The company's scientific team is made up of physics, chemistry, and engineering talent culled from top academic and R&D institutions.

Entanglement was founded in 2006 by atomic physicists at Stanford seeking to apply the extreme-precision quantum measurement techniques to real-world commercial uses.