What We Do

Entanglement Technologies' core sensor technology has brought the sensitivity of optical detection to the world of big molecules hidden by big backgrounds. Our proprietary sensor package combines the absolute sensitivity of cavity enhanced spectroscopy with the selectivity and background rejection capabilities of Time-of-Flight spectrometry to deliver fast and reliable trace gas detection in harsh environments. The exceptional dynamic range delivered by this package enables the detection of target compounds buried in backgrounds (e.g. sewer water) with orders of magnitude higher optical absorption.

High-quality data drives intelligent action.

Mapping pervasive environmental hazards

Rapid data acquisition allows for mapping of hazardous substances in urban environments. The speed and sensitivity of the AROMA platform has allowed us to map toxic chemicals quickly, cheaply, and accurately. For example, the AROMA sensor has detected the presence of the toxic chemical TCE in sanitary sewer systems across the greater bay area.

Analyzing the chemical environment

Real-time analysis coupled with local wind data, reveals the intricacies of pollution sources in the local environment around Entanglement Technologies Laboratory. The air around us contains information on local food production, traffic, airport activity, and activity at nearby gas stations.

Refinery Monitoring

The AROMA instrument meets the rigorous performance requirements of EPA methods 325 A/B and can provide detailed information about refinery emission patterns and local "background" sources of chemicals. Below a set of measurements around the perimeter of a bay area refinery have identified that the highest concentrations of benzene encountered were caused by non-refinery sources during the period of observation.