Atmospheric Monitoring Analyzer

The AROMA precision vapor analyzer is a mobile analysis platform that delivers real-time on-site environmental analysis as part of our Environmental Monitoring solution. The AROMA atmospheric vapor analyzer is currently being deployed throughout the bay area to detect harmful chemicals in the air including benzene and trichloroethylene. The goal of Entangement Technologies' atmospheric monitoring program is to identify sources of the these hazardous chemicals throughtout the Bay Area and to evaluate the threats that these chemicals pose to our communities. The technology at the Core of the AROMA instrument has been funded by the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health. Look for our Mobile Atmospheric Analyzer in your Neighborhood!

Benzene Concentration and Wind Direction

When stationary, the AROMA atmospheric vapor monitor is used to continuously monitor the ambient concentration of benzene and TCE from the rooftop of our facility in Burlingame. Coupled with a weather station, this system allows us to correlate local benzene concentrations with incoming wind direction and velocity. BenzeneConcentrationMap
This image shows the benzene concentration measured at Entanglement Technologies facility in February 2016. The concentration of benzene is plotted as a function of the wind direction, with the color indicating the wind-speed. Areas of singificant motor vehicle activity, the Millbrae interchange, the US101, and San Francisco Airport are correlated with increased Benzene concentrations.